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“019-LewdVoicemail” by candy@voicelikecandy.com. Track 1.

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  1. This is a strange fucking place for me to be in, trust me. What makes it even stranger is what I’m about to say.

    When it comes to voicemails, most phones tend to have shitty quality, a bit distant, and just overall muddy in nature. Your audio was none of that. I’m not trying to say its bad it just didn’t sound like a voicemail. Good job otherwise.


  2. Yes I guess I could have made it a bit lower quality in the audio settings but I usually am trying to keep quality up, so it didn’t occur to me. Glad you enjoyed it otherwise 🙂

  3. Old style landline recorders have that distant quality or lack thereof … Newer cell phones have excellent quality. And i enjoyed it! Repeatedly! lol

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