Alternative Option For My Fans – SubscribeStar

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My recent PayPal closure has reminded me that it’s not a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket.  So I’ve created an account at SubscribeStar, as a Patreon alternative for those people who may not be interested in using Patreon for whatever reason. 

Their accounts aren’t as detailed, meaning I can’t offer more than one Subscription price-point or multiple tiers like I can here.  But one nice thing they do have is the option (once you’re a Subscriber) to Donate to the creator, or “Star”, whatever amount you like. So I decided to set the initial subscription at just $3, then if you want to buy more recordings you can always just use the Donate button to pay for anything extra. 

Anyway, the recordings that I offer there will mirror the content here, so there isn’t any reason to subscribe to both sites (unless of course you just want to help me get it off the ground, which I’d really appreciate!)

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