Announcing The 2018 Original Audio Series Winners

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Finally the last 8 or so votes broke 3rd place the tie, and I can now announce the Winning Original Series which will begin in January!  In order of popularity, they are:

  • Lesbian Cock Slut
  • Succubus: Deceptive Desires
  • Courtesan of the Core Worlds
  • Diary of a Cheating MILF

Oops, did I just list 4?  Oh well, guess I have to follow through then!  I’ve decided since it was such a heated battle between the Courtesan and the MILF storylines, that I’m just going to do a 4th Series after all.  So that’s more Win-Win-Win-Win for everyone!

The basic description for each Series can be found Here. Once I discuss things with the writers and we start going over their ideas and input, some little details may alter slightly.  I will have an update on how the writing is progressing at the end of November.

The way this will work is, each series will have one episode release per month.  Episodes (or chapters, not sure how we’ll phrase it) will be 12-15 minutes long, and I will plan on releasing one every Friday.  So for example, 1st Friday of the month will be the Lesbian Series, 2nd Friday of the month the Succubus Series, etc, etc.  

Now in between those Friday releases, I will still aim to release at least 6 additional recordings from my Scriptwriters tier members.  I won’t be able to get to as many per month as I’m currently doing, because these episodes will take up a big chunk of my time, but starting in January, the scriptwriter tiers will be designed so that it’s members will turn in scripts every 2nd or 3rd month, banking their rewards to write much larger and more detailed scripts.  So not only will the weekly Episodic Series be 12-15 minutes each, but we will have longer recordings from the Scriptwriters as well.

Thank you to all my patrons for all for your votes and input!

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