Announcing The Release of Being A DIK by DrPinkCake

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I have the pleasure of formally announcing my role as the voice actress for 2 sexy girls in DrPinkCake’s new visual novel, Being A DIK!  I’ve voicing the gorgeous and classy, good girl Jill… and the rather bitchy, no-nonsense librarian Isabella. (The first two girls from the left in the photo above.)

I played the game yesterday and I have to applaud DrPinkCake for some outstanding work! And he is a one-man show, doing this all himself while working a full-time job too.  The passion he has for this game (knowing all that) really shines through when you play it, I’m so impressed! Not only is this an EPIC first release (seriously, takes at least 90mins – 2 hours to play through), there are sooooo many characters in this first chapter, lots of different settings, and some of these renders are nothing short of spectacular.  I know some of you really love these sorts of games, so I encourage you to rush over to his Patreon to show your support and give this game a try.  You’re going to be hooked like I am!  I’m so happy to be on board 🙂

The game can be downloaded from his Patreon page right now while it’s in Early Release by supporting him with $25 pledge.  It will be released to his $10 tier on Sunday, and then his $5 tier in 2 weeks.  But trust me when I say it’s worth the $$$!


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