Any interest in hearing my erotic audiobook auditions?

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I was going through my folders of auditions that I have recorded for the past 3+ years, and for the most part the auditions for projects like animations and video games are just 3-4 random sentences that aren’t really interesting. However, I’ve done dozens of auditions for audiobooks that vary from like 3-6 minutes long and some of them are quite entertaining, whether they are erotic or funny or whatnot.

I was thinking it’s a shame to let all of these go to waste and nobody to ever hear them.  These auditions are ones that didn’t result in a job, for various reasons.  Sometimes I just didn’t get a callback, other times they wanted me for the job but I was already booked up and they didn’t want to wait a few weeks for me, or it turned out that they weren’t paying enough and I declined the offer, stuff like that.   Anyway, I’d happily share these occasionally as public freebies that everyone can listen to if anyone cares to.

Maybe you just like hearing me in whatever it is that I happen to be performing in, or maybe you’re a creator who might like to hear these auditions to decide if my voice might be right for a project you’re working on, etc.   Either way, I figure more free public content can’t be a bad thing right?  Let’s see what YOU think!

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