Apologies for the lack of content so far this month!

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For those of you who haven’t read already on my Discord or Twitter, I’ve been really sick for the past week or so.  Unfortunately, while I’m feeling stronger and have regained a lot of my energy (I was totally wiped out under the covers for a few days straight), my voice is very damaged from the constant coughing, and now I sound like I have laryngitis, which I used to get quite often when I was younger.  So I’m still not able to record anything, despite feeling better. 

My commissions are closed for this month, and I will have to put off any private commission work until July so that I can strictly focus on completing my Patreon recordings once I regain my voice. This should enable me to meet my goal of 4 new releases for the month so everyone gets what they paid for, but they will just be released a bit later in the month than expected.

Being sick like this really is scary, because it’s times like this, when I can’t record anything at all, that I regret making my living from just my voice. If not for the blessing of having this Patreon and the extra income from my Gumroad sales to carry me through, I’m not sure how I would pay my bills. So I thank you all so much.

In case you’re considering stocking up on some of my previous recordings, I’m going to announce my Father’s Day Sale a bit earlier than planned.  I’ll make another post for that later today, and if you use the discount code from that post, you can save 20% on all audios on Gumroad!

Time for more hot tea!



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