Audio #101 – Love & Coffee (Freebie)

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Well, the bad news is I’m going to be sick for a few more days it seems.  My throat feels like I ate glass, and I can barely speak without spurring a coughing fit.  So that puts a hold on all my voiceover projects 🙁

But since I’m not going to be able to put anything new out for a few days, I figured this was a good opportunity to release a new Audition File Freebie.  This was an audition I submitted for an Audiobook, and I think it would be fun to narrate this comically written romance story.  

No sex in this one, but some little sliver of me hopes that some of you will enjoy hearing me voice things other than screaming orgasms, at least once in a while!

(I just added the full recording to this post… you can download it if you like, or if you’d prefer me to add this to your Freebies folder on Dropbox, just ask and I’ll drop it there as well.)

Send healing thoughts…. I could use them!



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