Audio #200 Is Here! Candid Candy Q&A (Part 1)

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We’re here to celebrate another milestone, with my 200th’s Audio release on Patreon!  This special “Freebie” is a 25 minute Q&A session, and that’s just Part 1! Part 2 will be released in a few days, and is slightly longer (and more personal!) So together, that’s almost a hour of candid Candy questions and answers. 

I felt like a celebrity being interviewed by such an esteemed colleague and revered member of the voice  community, and I hope you enjoy it! :p

Above is a short sample. If you’re a patron, you can find the full file in the Freebie’s folder (see the pdf in your dropbox.) If not, you can listen to it here:


Below is a list of links to people and things that were mentioned in this recording, in case you want to check them out.  (If I missed any links, or you have questions about anything discussed, feel free to comment or message me privately.)



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