Audio #201 – Part 2 of Candid Candy Q&A

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26 minutes

Part 2 of my Q&A session is here! This one is a little less formal (okay, there is nothing formal about it whatsoever! LOL) … just Daddy and me in front of a microphone, answering more of the questions submitted by my fans, being generally silly, and way oversharing about things of a more intimate/personal nature.  But overall, we just thought this would be a fun way for you to get to know the real me, rather than me acting in various characters.  I hope you enjoy it! :p

PS – Daddy wasn’t around for Part 1, so don’t tell him where the milkshake came from!!  Shhhhhh…..

Above is a short sample. If you’re a patron, you can find the full file in the Freebie’s folder (see the pdf in your dropbox). If not, you can listen to it here: 

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