Audio #323 – Sleep Sayings

CandypatreonLeave a Comment  17 minutes – 2 credits or $6

The 1st half of this recording is a very relaxing, soft-spoken ASMR style audio of one of the many harem whores who attend to the needs of their God.  This particular submissive’s duties are to bestow sleep sayings upon her sleeping God, watching over His peaceful slumber and ensuring that not a moment goes by that He is not being worshipped for his colossal cock and bountiful balls which bring so much pleasure and joy to His devout servants. But her enthusiasm causes Him to awaken prematurely, and with his enormous erection throbbing for release, the 2nd half of the video is anything but relaxing!

**April Potluck patrons will find this in your dropbox folder now! Others may request the full length recording with your reward credits. Simply comment below if you’d like it, or send me a private message or email. If you’ve already used all your reward credits, you can buy it from Gumroad or message me for instructions to pay for more credits.

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