Bad News… My computer is DEAD

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Last night I was preparing to post another New Release, when my computer started giving me an error that the “Disc Is Full”. Completely untrue, I’m only at about 40% capacity. Then programs started crashing, got the spinning wheel of death about 10 times just trying to save what I was working on etc. Was hoping a reboot would magically fix things, but it won’t reboot.

Daddy is a Mac wizard and the resident computer expert (he’s been in IT forever professionally). So the bad news is my hard disk is fucked, and even if it could be professionally recovered somehow, I’m not sure I want to go through the embarrassment of handing over a computer that is basically used for 90% porn, having them know that this is me and what I do for a living. So…

This means that I am going to be out of commission for several days while we try to figure out if my old computer is still a viable candidate to run all of the new software that I use these days. And it will mean lots of updating, installing, retweaking everything from scratch just to get into a state that I can pick up where I left off. Even if we sprung for a new disk drive for my current computer, the same would be true, and I am not sure I want to sink any more money into a 5 year old Mac.

Considering we are only a month from Christmas, still broke from our move, and have already splurged on buying all his kids presents, some new furniture for the house, (etc) – buying a new computer is not in the cards for another year at least.

So I will make a new release announcement shortly, and those of you who are in the Buffet tier will find it in your folders already. Right now I am typing this from my phone, but I will have some lunch and then come back and start working on getting this old beast up and running….

I expect there will be much crying and frustration over the next few days, and I won’t be available for chatting or much interaction, so please forgive me and I am sorry in advance if my last 2 audio releases are a bit delayed for November.

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