BIG NEWS!! I’ve been keeping a secret!

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I finally have the green light to reveal this Top Secret project that I’ve been working on since February.  I’m super excited to announce that I’m voicing 4 characters for Inceton Games visual novel called Echoes of Lust !  They’ve just released an update to add the voiceovers for the entirety of Season 1.  

This game has amazing, next level graphics and animations, and I think you’re really going to enjoy it!  You play as the MC, a guy who shares a house with 3 beautiful women, but other than that, he lives a pretty ordinary life; going to school, doing chores, studying for college, playing games, watching TV.  And then out of the blue, the same day repeats itself… and then repeats again… and keeps repeating every time you go to sleep at night. Suddenly,  life isn’t quite so ordinary, and he starts realizing that his actions have no consequences because tomorrow it all starts over. Just imagine all the deviant things you could (and do) get away with!

There are lots of sexy girls in this game for you to interact with, at least 8 that I’m aware of, voiced by myself and MissMoonified.

I really hope that you guys will give Echoes of Lust a try!  Let me know in the comments if you’re played it.  🙂

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