Can you believe it’s already June?

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2020 has been one thing after another, hasn’t it? I cannot believe it’s already June! But it is, and so here we go!

Thank you to everyone who pledged this month. In these insane and increasingly trying times it really means a lot to still have your support.  I’ve updated all the dropbox folders with your new reward counts, so if you have unused credits feel free to start sending me requests.  

June Schedule

It will probably be a week before I start working on the first of my June Patreon audios, which will be Episode 3 of The Naughty Maid’s Futa Discovery.  I have a lot of outside projects lined up for the first part of the month that I have to record first, including a big annual animation project (some of you may be anticipating, but it’s not Patreon-friendly so we won’t discuss it here), plus a huge batch of dialogue for a new visual novel (which is still under wraps), new scenes for the Sylvia visual novel, and another Tina animation coming up for Onagi.  I’m focusing on getting those finished first, so I can have the rest of the month to concentrate on Patreon.  And once I have all those projects caught up, I can also start accepting calls again on Skype, for those of  you who enjoy 1-on-1’s with me. Thanks for your patience, it’s been several weeks since I stopped taking calls and am looking forward to it as well!

Now Accepting New Script Commissions

You may have noticed that I had closed commissions for several months, but am happy to say that I am officially caught up with all commissioned scripts in my queue. At times I have 4-8 scripts lined up, so this is sort of momentous!  These scripts are what I record which then get released on Patreon. So for June, I only have my two original series releases in the queue as we speak.  If you are one of my scriptwriting tier members, please let me know if you have something new for me for this month.  And if you’re not, but have a script that you’ve been thinking of commissioning me to record, get in touch and let’s see if we can make that a reality!  Because I have 3 open slots for June, and 4 for July.

Patreon to start collecting Tax

Lastly, you may have heard about this already but I wanted to make sure to mention it as well. Recent changes to the law means that Patreon now has to start collecting taxes / VAT / GST on pledges for many locations around the world as of July 1, 2020.  They’ve asked all creators to fill in details for each Tier to say what sort of rewards are being distributed, so it’s not going to be a blanket % that applies to everyone and everything, rather it will be calculated on a case by case basis.  All I can say is that we’re going to just have to wait see what the outcome is next month, because it’s impossible for me to tell anyone in advance what how much tax they will be charged, if anything at all. Here is some more information for anyone who wants to read up on it: 

That’s all for now, I’ll be back next week with a new release!



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