Doing a Live Twitch Stream with Palmer from Love-Joint

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Many of you might know that I have been doing voiceovers for a visual novel game that is near and dear to my heart called DFD.  I voice two of the lead female characters (Amanda and Kathy) every month and we’re up to Chapter 15 now!  The game is produced by Palmer of Love-Joint and is probably my longest running project ever.

Palmer is very active on his Discord and he has a wonderful team of developers working with him. I’m so proud to be one of them, and I know how incredibly hard they work to put out a new chapter to this story EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH without fail.  They’re truly dedicated to their work and to their fans – I guess that’s why we get along so well!

We sometimes talk about what a serious business this is, and though a lot of people on the outside might not think so, it’s incredibly hard work.  We both put in an insane amount of hours doing what we do, pretty much from the time we wake up until the time we pass out at the keyboard.  Hey Palmer, remember that one time….  hahaha

Palmer invited me to do a live stream with him, to talk about what it’s like being in this business, how it affects our lives and what it’s like for me to be “Candy” … or Amanda, or Kathy or the host of other characters that I play on a regular basis.  This will be an ultra casual chat, and will undoubtedly be a lot of fun because if I know Palmer he’s always got something up his sleeve.  So I hope that if you’re not busy, you’ll join us Live… but if not, the stream will be available online for a couple of weeks for sure.

The stream will be held about 13 hours from now – US Time that’s Saturday at 6pm EST  = 11 pm UK time = 12 am CEST.  (That will be Sunday midday for me here in New Zealand – it’s all quite confusing!)  Here’s the link:  

I’d love to have some of my patrons and fans come along to support me as I lay it all on the line, and just be myself! We’d love to answer your questions, so if you have anything you want to ask Palmer or myself, you can of course ask in the comments below, but ideally why not join Palmer’s Discord channel and post them under #stream-questions, or of course, on his Twitch! 

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