Don’t forget to request your free audio rewards!

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I have noticed an increasing number or patrons who are not requesting their reward recordings, so I just wanted to drop a friendly reminder here to make sure everyone knows how this works.  For those of you in the Candy Buffet tier, you don’t need to worry about this because your tier receives everything I release during the calendar month.  But most of the other tiers include 2 Free Audio Recordings of your choice, for every month that you are in the tier.  (Applies to the Series tiers, the Scriptwriters Tier, and of course the Pick & Mix tier which let’s you choose how many you’d like per month.)

So for example, if you’ve been in the “Series: Lesbian Cock Addict”  tier for 3 months, that means you can request 6 free recordings. 

You can select any recordings on my Recording List (or my Retired List), both of which are explained in the pdf’s located in your Dropbox folder. Just look over the list, read the descriptions, listen to the teasers if you like.  Then email me, message me here on Patreon, PM me on Discord, or leave a comment below with only the Audio #s, (no titles please) and I will happily drop them into your folder for your enjoyment.  

My hands might be tied at the moment as far as recordings go, but that’s no reason that you can’t enjoy my previous recordings!  And who knows, they might just help you achieve your cardio goal for the day.  🙂

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