Erotomaniac Mini-Series: Parts 1 – 5

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40 minutes total – 5 credits or $15 at

This teen psycho been obsessing over her tutor for so long, even though he’s in college and she’s only in highschool. She’s head over heels in love with him, and has convinced herself that he loves her too but he just can’t tell her because of the circumstances. She decides that she should make the first move, and does she ever! Call it yandere or obsessive love disorder, but this psychopathic cutie is about to force her fantasy to become his reality! Even if he is tied up helplessly at her mercy – that’s still love, right?!?  Over the course of this mini-series, the insanity continues as this lovestruck student turned sexual predator keeps the object of her obsession bound and helpless, torturing him for trying to break free while she continues to force herself on his helpless body in all sorts of ways, professing her love for him and demanding his in return. His ex-girlfriend is still around too, and our jealous little domme loves to beat her to keep her “Sweetie” in line.  Not sure how or when this is all going to end, so you’d better ride the crazy train with them while you can.You won’t believe how far this all goes, in the name of love!

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