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Q:  Have you ever pledged to any other Patreon creators *after* you saw them featured on my page?  (If you were already pledging to them before I posted about them, then that doesn’t count for this poll.  But nice to think that we share the same tastes!)

I’m working on a new animation today (part of a series which I’ve posted before with one of my favorite animators) and it made me wonder if any of my patrons have actually viewed some of the animations that I post here and ended up visiting that artist’s page and making a pledge?  I guess it’s always my hope that you’ll enjoy the animator’s work as much as I do, and that maybe the other creators that I work with will get a little bit of patronage in return for letting me share their videos on my Patreon for all of you… so I just thought I’d throw up a little poll to find out for my own curiousity.

*I think that’s the entire list of things I’ve shared here…but if I’ve forgotten anyone feel free to share in comments!

To visit any of these creators pages, just type this into your browser (don’t click!) 


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