Flying Home Tomorrow – Offline A Few Days…

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We’ve had a blast in Florida, it’s been exhausting, super fun and really expensive! But Daddy’s kids have been well and truly spoiled, and that includes me 🙂

We are leaving tomorrow, but we have a LONG trip back home. First a flight from Florida to the West Coast, with a layover overnight and then a 15hr flight back to New Zealand the next day. So I just want to tell everyone that I may not be able to reply to your requests over the next couple days (and any new Patrons who join after this post will probably not receive their welcome email and Dropbox URL until I get home. It’s just a bit too much to do from an iPhone).

When I am sitting in the airport on wi-if, I will of course still check my messages! So please feel free to still send me requests and messages, just be patient if my replies aren’t as quick as usual.

Back to business in a few days, and I already have a couple of scripts in my queue to kick off October!

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