FREE Codes Available for ALL of my Audible Erotica Titles!

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I’ve having a huge giveaway of  FREE download codes on Audible!  I still have codes for every title, but once they are gone, and I can’t get anymore, so time to stock up now if you’d like anything!  This offer will last until all the codes are gone, there’s no expiration date.

See my full list here –

If you have a US or UK account and want to grab some free erotica narrated by yours truly, just DM me and let me know which title(s) you’d like, and if you need a US or UK code.  But even if you don’t have an Audible account, or maybe you don’t want to add Erotica to your current account because of family sharing or something, you can always open a Free “secret” account under a different email address.  I have multiple accounts myself (both US and UK), so I can help you with logistics if you need it.

I have to send you the code privately (or anyone could grab it and use it) so you’ll need to message me privately which you can do multiple ways – here on Patreon, email to, through Discord – VoiceLikeCandy#1997, or DM me on

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