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I’m about to hit quite a milestone on Audible, of 1000 sales on my audiobooks!

It should tick over to 1000 tonight, as I’ve been having 18-25 sales a day this week.  This has inspired me to start taking my narration career a bit more seriously.  Daddy and I have been planning a remodel of my studio, we’re going to create a stand-alone voiceover booth (currently I record at my computer desk).  I’m also going to splurge on a new microphone in June, because I’m expecting a huge payday from my most lucrative animation series to date, and decided to put 10% of my earnings from that payment into some new equipment!  Super excited to get it all worked out next month and see how it improves my sound quality and workflow.

Here’s some more good news! Audible recently revamped their promo code program, and as a result, we get 200 new codes per book title under their new system (100 US codes & 100 UK codes per book).  So I have heaps more to offer!  If anyone would like Free Download codes for ANY of my erotica audiobooks, I’ve been giving them out like crazy the past week or so. 

Just email me at or DM me on Discord – VoiceLikeCandy#1997 and tell me which book(s) you’d like to download, and whether you need a US or UK Audible store code.   All my available titles can be found here:

All I ever ask in return is that you simply leave an honest review on once you’ve listened to it.  It’s a simple 1-5 star rating system, and you have the ability to write a brief comment or a full fledged review if you like.  It’s a nice trade-off for a free audiobook 🙂

Thanks everyone and hope you enjoy!

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