Give me your WISHLIST for Recordings in 2021!

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Is it just me, or did December come much faster this year than anyone expected? I think we can all agree that 2020 has been one big clusterfuck for the planet, so I for one am hoping for a shiny new year!  

Let’s see if we can make things a bit brighter! I thought I’d try something new this year and invite one and all to make a wishlist of some recording ideas you’d like to hear next year.  

  • Had a favorite previous recording and wish there was a sequel?
  • Want more backdoor fun?  Foot fetish play?   Pregnancy kink?
  • How about some girl/girl scenes with guest voice actresses?
  • Want more Futanari fantasies? JOI? Edging/Denial? Cuckolding?  
  • Want to hear me in a more dominant role? Pegging? Sissy-play?
  • How about more of my own personal, naughty true confessions?  
  • Enjoy vanilla erotica, girlfriend experience, gentle ramble-faps?
  • Have an idea for a mini-series?  I’m in the planning stages now…
  • Have a favorite script writer you think I should work with?
  • Or even an artist who might be open to a collab on his kink of choice?
  • I’m taking any and all suggestions, as long as they don’t break TOS!

I’m probably going to be reducing how many audios I release per month in 2021, as 5 per month is proving difficult. When I first started this Patreon in 2016, most of my audios were only in the 4-7 minute range. But I listened to feedback and found most people wanted longer recordings, so now most of them are in the 12-15 minute range, some even exceeding 20 minutes! I’m adding background moaning, sex sounds and environment SFX to try and give a more immersive experience, all of which increase the production time.

So comment below with some ideas on what you’d like to hear more of, or something I haven’t touched on before!  Just make sure that all comments are Patreon TOS Friendly suggestions. (Don’t make a comment that I have to delete! Unsure if you’re crossing the line? You can email me directly instead at just to be safe.)

Here’s to another naughty New Year together!


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