Giving Away Free Audible Audiobooks!

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So, while I’m away on vacation I thought it would fun to run a little raffle/giveaway for some promo codes I have received to help promote my Audiobooks.  So I created this post on my Tumblr page to get the word out: 

In that post, you’ll see that I’m giving away 25 FREE AUDIOBOOKS on October 15th, and to be eligble all you need to do is reblog my post so that others can see it and find out about my Patreon and my Erotica audiobooks. That’s it!

BUT… I can’t have a giveaway and not do something special for my loyal patrons, now can I?  So, for those of you who pledge to my Patreon page, I have an additional 25 Promo Codes to distribute (in addition to the ones I’m giving away on my public Tumblr account.)  

So while I encourage everyone to reblog my Tumblr post, because it helps people find me… I also am writing another post here which will be set to Patrons Only, and all you need to do is vote in the poll if you’d like to be considered for one of the Patron Audible Promo Codes.  (This way, only those of you who actually are interested in hearing me narrate an Audible audiobook are registered in the giveaway, rather than me perhaps choosing someone from the main membership list who isn’t actually interested or will let the code go to waste.)

So reblog my Tumblr… and answer this poll to enter here on Patreon as well if you are my Patron!

See a list of short stories I have narrated on Audible which you can choose from!

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