Gumroad 20% off sale – 1 more hour! Free Audible Audiobook codes available ANYTIME :)

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I was about to delete that 20% Gumroad discount code, but in case you wanted to grab anything last minute… I’ve decided to give everyone 1 more hour!  

Just enter the code “yay3years” at checkout – you can apply it to as many recordings as you’d like, but you have to checkout in the next hour 🙂

Also, I have more Audible US and Audible UK codes for all of my Erotica short story audiobooks, and all you have to do is ask for them.  I’m giving these away indefinitely, until they’ve all been used (they give us 200 codes per book, so I still have heaps!)

See the listings at and email me at or message me on Discord (VoiceLikeCandy#1997) or on Twitter to let me know which book(s) you’d like and remember to tell me if you need US or UK codes.  Always happy to give these away as long as you don’t mind leaving an honest review when you’re done listening.   Thanks!!

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