Happy Birthday To Me!

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Just reminding you all that I will be leaving at the crack of dawn, and it’s doubtful I will have internet access all weekend while I am away. So to anyone new who joins, or those of you who request any recordings, I won’t be responding until Sunday evening.  I will be basking on this gorgeous island at an Adults-Only beach club with Daddy for my birthday!

If you want to get yourself a present for my birthday, you might want to stock up on some of my previous recordings while they are still only $2 each!  Make your selections before Dec 31st, as the price will go up to $3 each when the new tiers take effect on Jan 1st.  I never intended for my prices to stay so low for so long, but as usual I just got super busy (and stayed busy), and I never got around to adjusting them.  

For my Patrons – most of you probably already know that there is a list describing all of my recordings in pdf format, so you don’t have to scroll through the whole Patreon page to find what you’d like.  I’ve just dropped a pdf into everyone’s folders with instructions on how to access this.  (And for those of you who used to be a part of the Opt-IN group, you’lll also find a new pdf/password in your folder to replace the old one.)

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