Happy New Year everyone!

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Sorry I haven’t posted anything since I got back from my trip, I’ve just been so busy and getting caught up on life (and sleep)!  There are still 3 weeks to go before Daddy’s kids go back to school in February, but I have made some arrangements that will allow me to start producing some new recordings later this week hopefully!  That is, if I get some scripts in from my Headmasters and Sugar Daddies.  (A few of them have already used their January reward because they did a double length recording last month, but there are 7 scripts I’m waiting to recieve now to record this month!)

I received this nice little year end report from Patreon last night and thought I would share a snippet of it, because I’m so proud of the success and support I’ve been rewarded with here by all of you!  I only created my account in late August, and didn’t start posting recordings until September, so all of this progress was made in the last quarter of 2016!  Thank you all for being so awesome, and I hope to continue to entertain you for a long time to cum!



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