Happy Valentines Day!

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Daddy and I are having a lovely, lazy holiday in Queenstown – gorgeous breezy summer weather, amazing food, no timetables to keep to and no being tied to our respected computers at opposite sides of the house all day and night. I wish we could stay forever – If only I could afford to!  

But as much as I love him, I set aside a bit of my heart for all of you, and really enjoyed making these audio Valentines messages for those who requested one. Even if you didn’t, you might enjoy listening all the same so feel free to listen to the lot in the file below (and don’t miss the last one, which I had a bit more naughty fun with!)


And to download your specific message just visit this folder where they are all stored individually:


I have also made this post public, so it’s possible that others with your first name might get to enjoy hearing their name pass through my lips too!

Much love to you all, thank you so much for listening  to me coo into a microphone. ❤️ 



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