Have you been reading the Script Contest entries? Voting begins April 24!

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Just a subtle reminder that on April 24th, I will open a voting poll for the Script Contest, and I’m hoping to have a lot of patrons who participate by actually reading the scripts and casting a vote for their favorite.  In the past, the polls only get a small percentage of patrons actually voting, so please, get involved!   We opened the reading phase early since there were so many eager writers who filled all 8 of the entries slots so quickly, and I know they are excited to see how their story does in the polls.

Read them here!  http://bit.ly/ScriptEntries

Also, please remember that we don’t discuss who has written any particular script until after the winner has been declared.  This prevents fans of “YourFavoriteWriter” simply getting votes because he has fans who want to see him win, but didn’t even bother reading the entries.  So please don’t vote if you haven’t read what you’re voting for. 

I do everything I can to make this a very fair contest and I appreciate everyone honoring the rules.  Good luck to those who entered and are silently waiting for the results!

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