Hope you all had a safe and fun New Year’s Eve!

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I’m looking forward to getting started on new recordings for January, but because I worked every night until like 5am all the way through New Years Eve just to get my final recordings out, I am going to have a couple days of downtime to recuperate.  I wish I could say I partied too hard, but I just worked too hard. Lame!

Patreon will take about 48hours to do the rebilling cycle, so during that time I am going to  do some things in the background, like updating some of the pdf’s that I have been meaning to make changes to, and clean out dropbox folders of people who have cancelled their pledges in the past 2 months, as I’ve just been too busy to deal with that sort of stuff lately.  Once the January billing is completed, you’ll see a 2019 folder appear in your dropbox.

I would like to ask that EVERYONE download all of their old 2018 recordings from their dropboxes by this Friday if possible, because I’m going to go through and delete them all.  If you’re traveling or just too busy and not able to download them by this Friday, just pop me a message so I can leave your folder intact until you have the opportunity. 

Starting this month, I am going to be releasing 5 Audio files per month, based on scripts submitted by the patrons in the Scriptwriter Tier.  If we don’t have 5 turned in for the month, then I will add in some private commissions or perhaps do a script that Daddy and/or I have written, or a Personal Confessions recording.  But there will always be at least 5 recordings per month, and possibly more if I have extra time to do more commissions.  

So the Monthly Candy Buffet is my favorite tier, because it means you’ll get everything new that I release during the month, plus I just dropped the pledge amount to $15! However, if you only want to choose the specific recordings that pique your interests from my catalog, then the Pick & Mix is the way to go, where you can pledge any amount in increments of $3… or get a bulk discount on 20 recordings of your choice by selecting the Candy Collectors Discount Tier at $50!

Now that my 4 Series are completed, I’ve hidden the old $6 tiers monthly episode tiers so that new patrons can’t join them anymore. Those of you who are already in those tiers and are still collecting can remain until you’ve reached the final episode though. And I’ve created a new tier called Ultimate Series Collection, where you can buy each Full Series (11 or 12 Episodes depending on which series it is) for just $30 per Series… or pay $100 for the full collection of All 4 Series Titles – that’s 46 Episodes in total! If you’re not familiar with the Series options, you can view the Original Series Wiki here.  Feel free to contact me at candy@voicelikecandy.com if you’d rather pay with PayPal or Amazon.com Gift Card.

Lastly, I’m always interested in getting new members in the Scriptwriters Tier, because more scripts from more people means much more variety!  If you have an idea for a custom script that you’d like to hear recorded, why not make a New Year’s Resolution to write it!  If you like to see what I have coming up in my recording schedule, you can see and bookmark it here.

I’m also open to bringing back the Script Contest, but the last few months there just wasn’t enough people submitting scripts, so I decided to cancel it until the new year.  So if you’d like to see that return and plan on submitting a script to the contest for a chance to get it recorded for free, make sure you let me know or comment below so I can decide when to start it up again.

If anyone has any comments, suggestions, or questions – please let me know! I really welcome everyone’s input and I want to make sure that you understand how to claim your rewards, how to access the recordings catalogs, etc.  The only stupid questions are the ones you don’t ask!  I’d love to see some more communication and feedback flowing this year, so I know when people are excited or happy about a topic, or if they really aren’t feeling it so I can learn from that and do better!

I can’t wait to bring you lots of new content in 2019!



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