I did a 30 minute interview for ManorStories visual novel – Sylvia

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If you follow me on Twitter, you’re undoubtedly seen posts about the game Sylvia from ManorStories on my feed…. and I posted a free version of the game here last month as a gift from ManorStories, so I’d think everyone is familiar with it by now.  Well, this month they hit 200 patrons (yay!) and to celebrate, he asked his 3 leading ladies, myself, PixieWillow and MillyStern to record some interviews for the fans.  So please, check it out at his patreon page, or simply play the interviews from the links below:

VoiceLikeCandy (voice of Valérie)

Video : Candy_Interview.mp4          Audio : Candy_Interview.mp3

Pixie Willow (voice of Sylvia)

Video : Pixie_Interview.mp4        Audio : Pixie_Interview.mp3

Milly Stern (voice of Léa)

Video : MillyStern_Interview.mp4        Audio : MillyStern_Interview.mp3  

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