If there is anything you’ve been wondering, now’s the time to ask!

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As January draws to an end, we’ve made it through the first month under the new tier structure, and Episode 1 of all 4 of the new Original Series have all been released.  There is one more recording coming out for this month, hopefully before the day ends. (just have to wait a few hours to finish it up because we have someone here working in the house today and I don’t have any privacy.)

I want to take a moment to welcome all of the new members who joined this month, and thank all of my previous members who have stayed with me through the transition.  There are still quite a few people pledging who haven’t changed their tier, and aren’t receiving any rewards and I would really love to work with you to resolve this, and make sure you’re receiving rewards for your donations, so will you please get in contact with me? 🙂

I wanted to take this opportunity to interact with everyone, in case anyone has any questions or comments, or suggestions, or whatever!  Care to share what you think of the recent content?  Do you have any questions about where to find anything?  Do you understand how your Dropbox works?  Do you understand how to make reward requests?  (so many people join and then never request anything, so I always wonder if something is unclear?)

Plus, I really just like to hear from you all, it’s so flattering to have a community of people here that enjoy my work and I’d love to interact more with you. Please feel free to use the Discord channel to chat or ask questions as well, I’m logged in there 24/7, and it is open on my computer, my phone, my iPad. I’ve been really slack about chatting there because I’m not naturally a chatty person online, I’m always working on something and try not to let myself get too distracted.  But I’m always happy to hear from my patrons!

(Making this a public post, so that people who might be lurking and thinking of joining can also ask any questions they might have as well.)

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