I’m Giving Away 50 Free Audible Download Codes!

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I really love this Audible commercial with Michael Bolton – I actually catch myself singing it out of the blue sometimes! Hope you get a chuckle out of it too 🙂

The 50 free codes I’m giving away can be applied to any of the books I’ve narrated, which are all listed on my website at http://www.VoiceLikeCandy.com/audiobooks/  

I encourage you to go have a look and see if there is anything there that piques your interest.  The codes they give us will only work if your Audible account is in the US or UK stores however. If you don’t have an Audible membership, just click on the little Flag icon to go to the store appropriate for your location, and you can create a new account… or you may want to create a 2nd secret account to keep your Erotica separate from your “family account”. 

To receive a FREE code, just comment below if you’re one of my Patrons, and specify if you have a US or UK account (even if you’ve already received one previously, I have heaps to give away so feel free to ask again).  And if you’re not a Patron, I’m more than happy to give you a code too! But, I can only private message my Patrons, so you’ll need to send me an email to candy@voicelikecandy.com and specify if you’d like a US or UK code.   (Newsflash!  US codes work for Canadian Audible members – you just have to use your normal login at the US site and then it will accept a US code – Thanks MYLOkai for being my guinea pig!)

Thanks!  I’ll be running these free giveaways more often this year, as I have a lot of audiobooks on my schedule 2019 schedule.  I’ve recorded 3 so far since January, one of which just released last week and 2 more which are in the approvals queue, and next month I start recording 6 new Futa stories by Reed James – Futanari Convent Series (3 books) and Futanari Sorority Series (3 books)!  So lots more codes to be disbursed to my loyal fans and friends!

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