Important Message For My Candy Buffet Tier Members

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New Tier & New Lower Rate for 2019!

(I sent this out in a private message as well – not trying to spam you, but making sure that you all see it)

I wanted to announce to you all that I have decided to ease back a little bit next year, as it’s been a hectic pace to keep up with all that I’ve promised in 2018.  So the plan for next year is to release a minimum of 5 recordings per month, but if I end up squeezing in more than that then Buffet members will of course receive everything that I release during each month that you’re a member.

Because I will be promising less each month, I’ve created a new Candy Buffet tier for the new lower rate of $15.  I would like all of you to please go into “Your Pledges” and switch to this new tier before the end of the month so that come January, everyone is in the new tier and I can remove the old one.  

Someone has already asked me if they can stay in the old tier because they’d rather continue giving me $22 because they are just generous (you’re a sweetheart, thank you!) But honestly I’d like to delete the old tier and I can’t do that if you stay in it.  But, if for some reason you want to pledge more than $15, you always have the ability to modify that dollar amount when you sign up for a Patreon tier.  So just switch to the new tier, and then you can change the amount if you like – perhaps you want to buy some additional recordings you missed out on, or something like that.  You can always adjust it should you feel the need.

Thanks so much for all your support this year, and I look forward to bringing you new and exciting, fresh content in 2019!



*** For the rest of my Patrons, this is a great opportunity to upgrade to the Unlimited Candy Buffet, because the price is now only $15/month!  I think that the Buffet members really like the fact that they just automatically receive everything as soon as it’s released, without having to send individual requests to me whenever they want to grab a recording.  So please, consider upgrading to the Buffet if you’re in one of the old series tiers, or the Pick & Mix Tier.  You’ll receive more recordings and get them the moment they are dropped!

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