Impromptu September Vacation

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Well, this may come as a surprise to you (because it sure did to me!) but we are going on vacation in about 2 1/2 weeks!  I have pretty much cleared my schedule until then, only having one or two animations to work on, and leaving all my remaining free time for my Patreon recordings.  

So, you can expect September to look something like this:

I will be here, recording and releasing content until about September 15th or 16th.  During that time I plan to try to meet my self-imposed minimum of 8 new releases for the month, because I won’t be back home until the first week of October.  I will probably schedule release posts for some of my recording while we are away, just so that my page doesn’t fall into a black hole while I’m gone.  I will still have my laptop and my iPhone and be able to hand out recording requests and things while I’m away, so it will be business as usual where that is concerned. 

I would like to ask any of my Headmasters and Sugar Daddies who are planning to turn in scripts for September to try and get them to me sooner than later, so that I have a good selection to choose from when I’m lining these up for release.  As it stands now, I believe I only have 2 scripts in my “to be recorded” queue which I received earlier this month (plus whichever script wins the Script Contest for August.)  

Due to not being around for the later half of the month, there will be no script contest in September.  I just don’t want to have to worry about deadlines and things like that while I am away.

After the past month with my move and being sick, and totally stressed out about everything, vacation sounds good right now!  But I will admit, I can’t help but background-stress over the idea of taking time off and worrying about patrons getting bored and jumping ship while I’m away.  So please, if you’re enjoying the content please do stick around, because I’ll be back in October, renewed and relaxed and ready to start whispering naughty things into your ears again! 



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