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I have had a few people mention to me that they found me through an old audio story I recorded for someone that ended up posted on Pornhub.  Now, I don’t mind that so much because it was released well before I had a Patreon page.  And I think a little bit of public publicity surely doesn’t hurt anyone! In fact, I’d love it if those of you who use Tumblr or similar places would want to post a link to any of the free samples I have blogged on my Patreon feed, those are public because I want new people to be able to sample my stories and consider joining us on this dirty fairytale journey!

However, I’d like the remind you not to post any of my full recordings on the inter webs.  I trust that those of you who are here supporting me on Patreon will honour my request to please not repost my audio files anywhere without my permission.  

But in saying so, if you do know of a place where people go to find audio stories like the ones I’m creating, I’d love it if you’d let me know!  I am hoping to do a little online promotion and share some of my Free Intro Teasers where pervy audiophiles like to hang out and listen to ear candy, so if you have any suggestions for me in that regards, feel free to start a discussion below or send me a message!



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