Looking To Commission 4 Artists ASAP

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I’ve never commissioned any art before, but I’m starting 4 Brand New Original Audio Series in January on my Patreon page, and I would like to get a piece of cover art created for each one.  Just something I can display on my Patreon and other social media when I release an episode in the audio series.  More than likely it would be a main female character in a compromising position with a random secondary male character (or at least a part of him.)   

If there are any artists who are interested, and available to complete a piece by Dec 23rd, can you email me at candy@voicelikecandy.com  with some samples of your style (or a link to your portfolio) and your commission rates. Open to all sorts of styles. 

If you’re not an artist, but know some who might be interested please send them a link to this post, or reblog this Tumblr post on your Tumblr blog if you think it will help spread the word:   http://blog.voicelikecandy.com/post/168273636151/looking-to-commission-4-artists-asap-reblog

And starting in January I’ll be releasing one chapter per month of Four New Original Audio Series, which are:

Lesbian Cock Addict
 – Sara dated guys in the past, without much success.  She finally found love when she entered a relationship with another woman, and realised this is what she’s been missing, and now considers herself a Lesbian.  But Sara has a disturbing secret that she can’t quite explain – no matter how in love with her girlfriend she is, she cannot control her cock addiction. She is a self-professed Lesbian, so then why does she crave dick all the time?  No matter what her heart wants, her body craves cock. The only way to juggle this secret is to be impulsively, recklessly slutty with strange men – nameless, faceless penis-providers.  Will Sara ever admit the shameful truth?

Succubus: Deceptive Desires – Desarae was a Succubus from the 5th level of Hell, freed due to the lustful greed of a merchant and his inability to close a circle of salt. Her shape shifting ability is renowned. She can become your wife, your maid, your best friend or even the queen of the realm. She will stop at nothing to gain enough sexual energy to free her sisters from the fires of Hell and unleash a reign of sexual terror across the six lands.

Courtesan of the Core Worlds – Educated in the Central worlds in both the most rigorous forms of etiquette and the most generous forms of pleasure, Imari travels the ‘verse from world to world, concentrating on the fringes and the untapped needs. Follow her journey as she caters to the desires of various alien dignitaries and power players. Taking it all in stride, their secret kinks are her specialty, and she plays each role to perfection.

Diary of a Cheating MILF – Kayla’s husband is a very successful entrepreneur who spends half his life on the road, traveling worldwide to land the wealthiest clients.  He does VERY well financially, but this leaves his gorgeous wife home alone with an insatiable libido and a lot of spare time, which she chooses to spend in the company of some very well hung men and exceptionally beautiful women. Lets go through her diary shall we? 

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