Lots of Naughty Gifts Coming Your Way!!

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I hope that by now, you know how much I value all of my loyal and generous patrons! It blows me away sometimes just how wonderful you all are, and how supportive you have been to me in my pursuit of bringing a little bit of naughty pleasure into your lives.  Well, I had a brainstorm yesterday, and I contacted several of the other Patreon creators who I have worked with over the years and many of them wanted to jump on board.  So, my naughty friends, you are about to get a WHOLE BUNCH of Naughty Christmas Presents!

I reached out to about two dozen of my favourite creators, and asked if they would like to participate in a Holiday Gift Exchange on our Patreon pages.  I offered to give them one of my new Audio Series Episodes that they could give as a free gift to their patrons, if they would give me something to give to all of you.  And so many of them happily jumped on board!  So, over the next week or so, I am going to be quite a few holiday posts with all the free gifts I have to share with you!  

I hope you enjoy their gifts, and that you’ll check out their Patreon pages and consider following and/or pledging to some of them if you like their content.  I am lucky to have worked with some amazing individuals and teams, and I love sharing that with all of you.

So, shall I start passing out gifts now???   A very special one is coming up in just a moment, stay tuned!

(PS – This post is public so that others can see what is happening this week on my page – but the actual gifts will only be made available to my Patrons.  So if you’ve been thinking of making a pledge, this is a great time to do so!  Not to mention that I am releasing the introductory Episode 0 recordings for each of my 4 Brand New Monthly Episode Series which start in January!)

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