Lucky Lucky! You’re on the Naughty List with me!

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If you were my patron last year in December, you’ll probably remember all of the wonderful free content that I shared with you from many of my NSFW creator friends around Patreon.  I came up with the idea of doing a gift exchange and last year, and lots of my friends came through for me by sharing their content on my Patreon page, and allowing me to share one of my recordings on their pages.  In fact, some of you may have found out about me this way.  And I know for a fact that several of you went to visit their Patreon pages and decided to make a pledge.

So since we had so much fun last year, I’m doing it again!  I’ve sent out invites to several of my personal collaborators and friends on Patreon, and also made some posts in other places to welcome others to get in contact with me, so we’ll see what Santa has in store for us very soon.  The Gift Exchange posts will begin on December 20th, and run throughout the rest of the month.  So stay naughty, and stay tuned!

Happy Holidays!!

** If you would like to share this post with some of your favorite creators to suggest they join the Gift Exchange, I’d be most grateful!  I love meeting new NSFW creators, and finding new opportunities where I can express myself through voicing their characters.  So by all means, spread the word with this link, which is public: and invite them to email me at or to message me on Discord at VoiceLikeCandy#1997. 

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