Movers come tomorrow! (and in other news…)

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Soooo… as usually something always goes wrong, right?  Well today we found out that our internet provider at our new house hasn’t processed our install, even though Daddy made sure to contact them and ordered it all to be set up 2 weeks ago.  When he called today just to confirm everything was ready, they said “Oh, yes I see your order was placed, but it looks like nobody ever hit the submit button, so it hasn’t been scheduled with an installer yet.  First available appointment would be next Wednesday.”  

Well, fuck.

Luckily I can access dropbox on my iPhone and continue giving out existing recordings as rewards, so by all means, if you find one you’d like, keep those requests coming. I always get a little excited when I see new requests in my email box, and I love giving our rewards! 

I won’t be making any new recordings until well into next week anyway, so my goal is to upload my first recording for August by next Friday.  That will be #99…. and then the big, celebratory recording #100 will be after that, and I thought I what better way to celebrate than having that be our July Contest Winner! Speaking of which, if you are one of my Patrons, have you read all the scripts yet???  The voting poll will go live tomorrow night!

This will give you all something to do while I’m living out of boxes, eating delivery pizza and watching netflix on an iPad, waiting for our internet to be connected!

I hope you’ll all still be here when I get back!  Don’t sneak off while I’m away!



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