My Patreon is turning 2 Years Old – Let’s Celebrate!

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I opened my Patreon on August 12, 2016!  I was so hesitant to open a Patreon because I wasn’t sure anyone would join, so I’m so happy that you all proved me wrong!  Here’s a little walk down memory lane:

  • Aug 2016 – Opened Aug 12th – had 25 patrons by Aug 31st!
  • Feb 2017 – Milestone reached: 100 patrons
  • Jun 2017  – Milestone reached: 200 patrons
  • Jan 2018 – Milestone reached: 250 patrons
  • Aug 2018 – 2 Year Anniversary! Plus, I will be releasing Audio #200!

I just wanted to put into perspective how much time I have spent on my Patreon over the past 2 years – 200 Audio Recordings is nothing to sneeze at. In fact, I’m getting tired just thinking about it!  And that 200 only includes my standard monthly audios, not to mention the additional 33 releases I’ve made for my Original Audio Series so far! (When you also factor in all of the animations, game voiceovers, audiobooks, and other voice work I’ve done, you can see why I am so busy all the time.)

So Let’s Celebrate!

To mark this happy occasion, I’ve decided we should have some fun this weekend!  I’m running a 2-for-1 Sale on all of my recordings. Your heard right –  Buy one, get one free for my 2 year anniversary!  This is only until 11:59pm PST on Sunday night, so don’t miss it! (If you would like a copy of my Recordings Catalog lists, just email me at

But that’s not all! I’ll be holding 2 Discord Party Live-chat sessions this weekend, so you can come by and hang out, ask questions, talk about your favorite Audio’s from my catalog, find out what sort of future plans I’m considering for 2019 content (once the series have ended), and basically just have some fun with me!  

Patrons ($1+) will have the ability to voice chat, and everyone else is welcome to join in via text.  If you aren’t already a member of my Discord, click here, or just use the invite code XRRNGu in your Discord app.

This weekend’s LIVE Discord Chat Sessions will be:

(I will post a reminder to my Patreon page 15 minutes before each sessions begins, just in case anyone needs a reminder or didn’t see this message.)

Lastly, I’d like to send a big, heartfelt thank you to everyone who has in one way or another supported me along the way.  Whether you’ve been a patron, purchased recordings privately, hired me for your projects, submitted your scripts to my contests, helped promote me on your blog/patreon/discord channel, or commissioned me in some other capacity, just know that your interest and support means more to me than you might realize!  I love what I’m doing and hope to be lucky enough to continue this as my full-time career for as long as possible. 

Love you all!

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