New Fan Art!!

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My dear friend Unshi from beWilder saw the post I made about my accident and my broken foot, and had wanted to cheer me up – and boy did he!  How cute is this image??  I swear, Unshi has a hidden camera somewhere around here, because he does such a great job of capturing me in these images, and I don’t think he has any idea how on point he is sometimes.  

I want to extend a big thank you, not only to Unshi and Spook at beWilder for being so supportive and kind to me for so long, but to everyone else who’s reached out to check on me, send your wishes for a speedy recovery, or just read my message and taken a beat to feel sorry for me. LOL  

I’m happy to report that my foot is a lot less sore and I’m actually hobbling around a little bit in my moon boot (even though officially I don’t think I’m supposed to be quite yet) but maybe that’s a good sign!  I still haven’t regained my focus just yet, I feel a bit out of it still, and haven’t reset my brain to get back into the groove of working quite yet, but I would say that by this weekend, I should have my schedule sorted out and a plan in place to get back on track.  Thanks for your patience everyone!

PS – If you’re looking for images for your project or just your own personal enjoyment, I highly recommend contacting the beWilder team, because last they announced that they were taking commissions for Unshi to work his magic for others, and I know that the orders poured in… but maybe he’s caught up and is taking on new work.  Never hurts to check!

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