New Script Contest! Submit scripts by Sept 5th midnight PDT

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It’s that time again! Time for you to let your writing talent shine and submit a script to my Scriptwriter’s Contest.  There are only 8 spots available, and I’ll be accepting submissions until midnight PDT on Sept 5th, so polish off that idea and send it to me ASAP at 

On Sept 6th, the scripts will be made public (but anonymous) and voting will begin.  Anyone can submit a script, but in order to vote you must be a patron on my page, in any tier. Whichever script receives the most votes will win, and I will record it for public release, so everyone gets a Freebie!  For the contest, your script must respect the Patreon TOS. (see attachment below)

Get all the details at 

So don’t wait, this is your chance to have me record your script for FREE!  

PS: Someone asked why I limit the contest to only 8 scripts, and the answer is two fold.  First, I want to make sure the competition isn’t too overwhelming, so entrants feel like that have a good shot at winning.  And second, I don’t want there to be so many scripts that voters don’t actually take the time to read them before they vote. The fewer the scripts, the more likely voters are to read all the entries before deciding which to vote for.  Also, I keep entries anonymous because I don’t want people voting for a script just because they may know the author.  When the winner is announced, I can keep it anonymous if you like, or let everyone know you wrote it (whatever username you wish to go by).

Thanks for your interest and I hope to hear from you soon!  I’ll post in comments below whenever I receive an entry, so everyone knows how many spots are left…

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