New Series – Soccer Mom Confessions – coming in February

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I’d sure love your help promoting my first Original Audio Series for 2021, so check out the promo trailer and please retweet if you have an audience on Twitter!

Soccer Mom Confessions – written by Daddy M

Anyone can see just by looking at her that Elizabeth Cooper isn’t your average soccer mom.  Sure, all the high school boys make rude comments about her, but that’s to be expected. But most of them don’t know how right they are when they talk about what a hot piece of ass she is, or how those big MILF knockers would fit nicely around their fat cocks. But they might just find out when they turn 18, because The Cooper’s have a dirty little secret. They both like to go out and have a wild night every once in a while, and then come home and tell each other all about it.  

What sort of confessions will you hear from these two suburban swingers? I guess you’ll just have to wait and see, now won’t ya?  

Monthly Series begins in February on Patreon & Gumroad!  

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