New Year + New Prices + New Release Schedule

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I want to thank all my Patrons for making this horrible year better for me, because your support has been an incredible gift which helped me make it through all of the drama that 2020 dished out to all of us. I know we’re all hoping that 2021 will be an improvement, but I guess that remains to be seen, and I’m glad we will be taking it on together!

As this year comes to an end, I want to take another moment to lay out the changes that I’m making which begin on January 1st.  I have gone over these with you already, but this is just a review, and I’m making this post public so that everyone who cares to follow me will be up to date as well.

Pricing:  Effective January 1st, my catalog will be update with new pricing/credit values for all of my recordings. These changes will be made across the board, not only on Patreon but also on SubscribeStar, Gumroad, and for direct orders via email. Thank you for your feedback regarding these changes, the response to my survey regarding raising these prices for the first time since 2016 was met with an outpouring of positive support and encouragement (that I honestly did not expect). I’m so blessed that you value my efforts so much and I will continue to do my best to keep you entertained!

Existing Credits: Patrons who have existing credit balances are encouraged to trade these for recordings from the catalogs before January 1st when the credit costs will increase. So on longer recordings, if you spend your credits now, you’ll get more bang for your buck. 

Goodbye to Taboos: As previously announced, I am purging 100+ audios from my Taboo Catalog, and you only have until Dec 31st to request them and then they are no longer available. Going forward, I am adhering much more strictly (with a few minor exceptions) to the Patreon Adult Guidelines.

Dropbox Cleanup Time: I will be clearing all of your 2020 rewards (correction-I originally said 2018? LOL) from Dropbox folders in January to give us a clean slate and tidy things up.  I would appreciate it if you would make sure that you’ve downloaded all of the recordings in your dropbox to your own permanent storage, and then please comment below or DM me  to say “Downloads Complete” so I can wipe your box with a clean conscience. If I haven’t heard from you by Jan 15, then I’ll have to contact you all individually to confirm.

New Commission Rates: I’ve just finished my revised Rate Sheet for 2021, which covers my recording rates for both commercial and personal projects, including scripts for Patreon New Releases. Download a copy here: 2021 Rate Sheet

New Release Schedule: Starting in January, I am committing to 3 New Releases per month for Patreon. This is a reduction in the number of audios I’m producing per month, to give me time for some other pursuits, like more time to work on adult animation projects, visual novel and video game voiceovers, audiobooks, etc. I’ve found that my previous commitment to 5 new audios every month left little time to do anything else and was getting quite stressful.

New Original Series Content: I don’t have any specific details about what new series content I will be creating for 2021 just yet, but just know that I do plan on continuing this tradition. However rather than making multiple series at the same time, I may work on one at a time over shorter time spans, meaning you won’t have to wait so long between episodes.

New Annual Option for Patreon Pledges: I started offering the Annual Subscription plan on Patreon a little over a week ago, and the response has been wonderful, with many of my patrons switching to Annual for 2021.  If anyone has been considering switching to annual but has questions, feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answer them or find the answers for you!  I will also be offering a new Monthly & Annual Potluck Subscription option on Gumroad starting on January 1st!

That’s all I can think of at the moment, and it’s plenty to digest I’m sure.  I can’t wait to bring you more content as we move into the new year together, thank you for your support and confidence in me!


PS – Exiting patrons, please remember to comment once your Dropbox folder is ready for me to clear it. 

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