Not as serene as it looks…. at least this week!

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I was so excited when we moved here because we have this huge wooded reserve behind us, with bush walking trails and a big valley of trees and more peace and quiet than you can shake a stick at.  Perfect conditions for me to be able to perform high pitched orgasms and tearful cries of desperation, screaming obscenities into the microphone and to my phone sex callers all day long without worrying about the neighbors.

That was, until this week, when all I’ve been able to hear from sun up until sun down is this wretched noise.  They are cutting down trees and mulching them… for 3 days straight now!  Today I’d had enough, so I went on a drive to find these evil noise polluters and find out exactly how long this is going to be going on for, because I have so many recordings to make for you all, and it’s pissing me off!  Finally found their trucks by the road, and had to trek through the woods to find the group of men in their florescent vests and hard hats (don’t get excited, I wasn’t about to get my knees muddy!)

Anyway, the bad news is that they are going to be at this for at least another week.  *cries*   That means, I am not really going to have any time to record all the scripts that I have in my queue before I leave on vacation.  There is a bit of good news – I do have 2 more recorded which just need my editing to be ready for release, and hopefully tomorrow night since Daddy’s kids will be at their mom’s house overnight, I can do some evening recording once they knock off for the day, and maybe get another one or two (if I am super lucky) recorded.  But that will probably be it for me for September because we leave in 4 days.

I just wanted to let you all know that I’m not just slacking off over here… but I literally cannot record anything while this noise is infiltrating my recordings studio 🙁

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