November In A Nutshell…

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If you’re one of my fabulous Patrons – Thank you! I’m so happy you’re still here with me, your support and generosity mean so much!  And if you’re viewing this as a quiet lurker/follower, I hope you’ll decide to pledge and join in the fun – we have a lot of new, exciting things happening!

Now, let’s get started on November….

  • 1st – It was a busy night, and I had about 37 recording requests from patrons waiting for me this morning when I woke up!  I think I have successfullly finished giving everything out that was asked for – but if I missed your request please give me a poke and let me know, okay?

  • 2nd – Now that all my October deadlines have been met, the next thing on my agenda is to review the works of the 7 talented writers who are interested in partnering with me on the new Original Series stories, and officially bringing them on board.  You still have about a day and a half to vote in the Storylines Poll if you haven’t already – Voting Ends on Nov 3rd at midnight PST.   This is for Patrons-Only: 

  • 3rd  – I would like to get a piece of artwork created for each new Series (when we know what they will be), and so I am planning to announce an Artist’s Contest next week.  If any of you are artistically inclined, or a fan of an artist who you think might be interested, please watch this space! There will be prizes!

  • 4th – I only have scripts right now from 3 of my Headmasters/Sugar Daddies… so please, if you’re in a script tier can you please let me know when/if I can expect a new script from you this month?  Remember the Patreon Adult Guidelines are now in effect – so if you have any questions about whether your script will be acceptable just drop me a message.  And if you’re interested in something that doesn’t fit these guidelines, email me privately about a non-Patreon commission. 🙂

  • 5th – Guess who just surprised me with a weekend getaway to gorgeous beach resort in Rarotonga for my birthday!! (This year is a big one and he wanted to spoil me – plus he thought I needed a few days away to de-stress after the past few weeks chaos).  So I will be unavailable between Nov 16-19, sunning myself and having *gasp* actual sex, instead of just talking about it! :p

Ok, I think that’s all the updates I have for you now… the first release for November should drop this weekend. I’m also going to release a preview of what the new tiers are going to look like beginning in January, what the release schedule will look like, and describe all the rewards packages that the new tiers will have.  Starting Jan 1st, all of my recordings will be much longer and more detailed, and occasionally will even have some guest stars popping in on certain episodes!  

Hold on to your cocks, boys!  It’s gonna get even hotter around here in 2018!

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