Original Series: Soccer Mom Confessions – Episode 2

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15 minutes – 2 credits or buy for $6 at https://gum.co/SoccerMom2

Missed Episode 1?  Request it for 2 credits or buy now at https://gum.co/SoccerMom1 

The much anticipated 2nd episode is here! Now that we know about Elizabeth and her husband’s unique relationship, you’re probably thinking it’s all sunshine and roses for this lucky suburbanite couple, out there living the dream! But while they may be leading very sexually gratifying lives, they still have to protect their family’s reputation, because not everyone would understand or accept that they are out having sex with other people so freely. When an unexpected turn of events leads someone to threaten to expose their secret life, you better believe they are going to pull out all the stops to keep their private lives private.

**March Potluck patrons will find this in your dropbox folder now! Others may request the full length recording with your reward credits. Simply comment below if you’d like it, or send me a private message or email. If you’ve already used all your reward credits, you can buy it from Gumroad or message me for instructions to pay for more credits.

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