Original Series: Soccer Mom Confessions – Episode 3

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12 minutes – 2 credits or buy for $6 at https://gum.co/SoccerMom3

Missed earlier episodes?  Request with your credits, or Buy Episode 1 – Here  &  Episode 2 – Here

It’s Parent Teacher Day, and Elizabeth has to do quite a bit of schmoozing to get her daughter Hannah’s grades up to par with her English teacher. Good thing he’s a total horndog!  Lord only knows what those other parents waiting in the hall overheard!

Later when she’s at the mall with Hannah, she bumps into the teacher again, and notices he can barely keep his lecherous eyes off her daughter’s shapely body, so she decides to play into his fantasy and tease him right there in the food court.

(Bonus points for all of your super fans who recognize the Easter Egg referenced at the end! Don’t spoil the surprise though!)

**April Potluck patrons will find this in your dropbox folder now! Others may request the full length recording with your reward credits. Simply comment below if you’d like it, or send me a private message or email. If you’ve already used all your reward credits, you can buy it from Gumroad or message me for instructions to pay for more credits.

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