Our power was out for 11 hours, this weather is seriously fucked…

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“Auckland’s Sky Tower recorded a peak gust of 146kmh – winds of this magnitude are typical of a category 2 tropical cyclone.”

So our power was knocked out last night at 9:15pm and didn’t come back on until 8am this morning.  On top of that, all the audio that I was working on at the time was corrupted when my computer restarted today.  That’s a setback I didn’t need on top of all the weather delays that are going to be happening for the next several days.  We had 23mm of rain yesterday and insane wind gusts all day and night, and more of the same today. Sometimes I think I should just go ahead and schedule myself to be off for like 10 days a month and just assume the worst is gonna happen and make it easier on myself.

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