Posting my To-Do List Online

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If you’re interested in seeing what I have ahead of me, you can always have a look at my new online To-Do list.  I posted a link in my Patreon Description at the top of my page as well.

My being this busy isn’t anything new…. it’s been this way for at least 8-9 months, every month.  Why do you think I covet my vacation breaks so much!?!

But it happens all the time, someone will message me out of the blue, and say “Hey, can your record this for me today? Oh well I need it by tomorrow.”  and I’m always wondering, do people think I’m just sitting around twiddling my thumbs and praying someone is going to message me with something to do?  Oh god, I wish that were the case sometimes! LOL

But seriously, I have projects booked up at least 5-6 weeks in advance most of the time.  My To-Do list heavily features my Patreon reward recordings as you can see, but I also squeeze in other work here and there as well.  I love getting exposure on new projects, being featured in games or in an SFM animation (especially with one of my favorite animators, and they know who they are because I always say YES! even if I’m busy.)

Narrating audiobooks has been exciting as well, but audiobooks are sooooo very time consuming, so I’ve decided to really cut back on those for a while (though I have 3 or 4 already committed to). And this doesn’t even take into account my Skype callers… which I often have to turn away because I’m under too many deadlines to accept their calls when they’re horny. 🙁

But with all of this, rest assured that my #1 commitment is to always bring my Patrons fresh and frequent content.  I really appreciate every one of you who enjoys and supports what I’m doing, as I pour my heart and soul into my work every single day. Recently I have received so many lovely compliments from people who’ve taken my survey, and in private messages and emails, and it has really given me a boost and big smiles… so thank you for sharing your feedback with me.  It means so much!  



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