Rain Rain Go Away!

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Looks like this stupid weather isn’t going to let up anytime soon 🙁

You might be wondering why a little rain matters… well, the ceramic tile roof over my recording studio sounds like the thunder dome when it’s raining, and add the high winds to that and it’s impossible to record anything.  You might notice that my recordings are usually pretty crystal clear, and that’s because I have gone to great lengths to treat the walls of the room, panelled over the windows with insulation foam mounted on MDF, and laid carpet in an attempt to get a silent environment to record in. But when it’s pounding with rain and water is rushing through the gutters like a firehose, I’m out of business. 🙁

So, all I can say is please be patient, pray for a dry spell, and if you wanted to do calls with me then this is the time, because I can’t do anything else at the moment!

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